Ring Sizing

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Interested in ordering an Eco Wood Ring but not sure about the size? Let us help!

Assuming that you’re ordering for yourself, or that if it’s for someone else it’s not a surprise, then the first option open to you is to go ahead and order your ring, selecting ‘Send me a Ring Sizer’, instead of a specific size. This way your order will go straight into the production schedule, ensuring no time is lost. We’ll then send you a ring sizer, for you to check your size at home and confirm that with us.

Another good option is to visit a local high street jeweller that offers a ring sizing service. This is a perfect opportunity to establish your preferred ring width too. If you can try on a ring in the same size, width and profile combination as you intend to order, that will give you the best possible idea as to how your eco wood ring will fit. Please do read our ‘things to consider’ below before your visit to a local jeweller!

Of course, it could well be that your Eco Wood Ring is intended for a proposal or other wonderful surprise! If that’s the case and you’re not sure where to start with establishing the ring size without giving the game away, then do check out our suggestions for choosing a ring for someone without knowing their size. These include the option of purchasing one of our sample rings in a ‘best guess’ size, and we’ll then credit that ring against your final design. 


A few things to consider…

A correctly sized ring should sit comfortably on the finger. The ring should require a twist over the knuckle in order for it to come off. If it can be pulled off without a twist then it is too loose.

Ring sizing can be tricky! Our fingers change on a daily basis, swelling and contracting with temperature changes, among other factors. We’d therefore suggest measuring your finger on a mild day if possible, or even double checking on a different day at a different time, to allow for any variation. 

One idea is to buy a simple ring in the same size and width as you intend to order, and to wear that for a few days to see how it feels.

If you find a ring that fits well on the same finger, then do feel free to send that to us. We can then take the sizing from that and return it with your eco wood ring/s.

There are two ways in which jewellers measure ring sizes – either from the leading edge of the ring, or from the centre of the ring. We always use leading edge measurements for our designs, so please do ensure it’s the leading edge size that you provide to us.

The width of a ring can affect the size required. Generally, the wider the ring, the tighter it will feel. Please bear this in mind if establishing your ring size using rings of a very different width to the ring you intend to order. It’s why we suggest trying on a ring in the same size and width (and ideally profile too) before ordering if possible.

Try to avoid working out ring sizes using very narrow measuring sets, as they are normally much narrower than the ring to be made and aren’t always that reliable. Using string and ruler to measure fingers or existing rings cannot be trusted either!

If you’re based outside of the UK and have a ring size in a different system, then you’ll find our ring sizing conversion chart useful in working out your UK ring size.


Most of our bentwood and metal design can be resized up or down by at least one size. Rings that can’t be resized include:

·        Bentwood rings with metal or carbon fibre liners

·        Carbon fibre rings

·        Some metal rings with inlay materials other than wood

In the case of one of the above types of ring not fitting perfectly, then we offer for you to return the original ring to us and for it to be remade in the correct size with a 50% discount.

We hope this helps you achieve the perfect fit for your ring/s. Please do get in touch if you have any doubts whatsoever.

Team EWR