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Custom Design Guide

Every Ring Tells a Story - Welcome to our guide to designing a ring that's as unique as you

Are you looking to create a unique engagement ring design, custom design your own eco-friendly wedding ring, or perhaps personalise a bespoke ring for another special occasion?

We have created a Ring Enquiry Form to speed up the process of designing your own ring, and to provide you with a more accurate quote.

After reading this helpful Custom Design Guide below, do get in touch to discuss your unique ring design ideas via the form as soon as you're ready - we're all ears! 

Tell Your Story

Below we have an extensive guide designed to give you a good and clear understanding of the possibilities you have when it comes to designing your very own custom made ring. We hope that you, like many customers before you, will be inspired to come up with something bespoke, unique and beautiful which tells your story exquisitely.

Adding materials from special places or even treasured possessions is a hugely original way to encapsulate your love story. Previous examples of customer provided materials have included a childhood swing, a trophy skate-board, shells, sand, rocks and other materials from significant beaches, mountains and rivers and so much more. You can be as wild and wonderful as you like with your ideas. We genuinely love hearing your suggestions.

If the more important thing for you is the aesthetic of the ring or significance of the materials, rather than their provenance, then we have a lovely and extensive range of woods and inlay materials at our workshop which can be used.

The Wood

eco wood rings type of wood image
ec wood rings custom design ring wood image

The Metal

eco wood rings handmade jewellery image custom ring design
eco wood rings handcrafted jewellery white gold 6mm Welsh Oak and Gold Mountain image

The Inlay Material

eco wood rings custom design ring inlay from Brighton Pier and Pebbles image
eco wood rings image with inlay of flower petals natural wedding rings image

The Liner

eco wood rings image with turquoise inlay and metal
eco wood rings image 5mm Walnut with Carbon liner centred 2mm of solid White Gold meeting with a circle of Crushed Emerald and Malachite


eco wood rings image inscriptions engagement ring design
eco wood rings wedding ring for men with wood inlay image

Stones in Settings

eco wood rings image gold ring with wood inlay custom design ring
eco wood rings beautiful engagement ring with stones image

The Width

eco wood rings custom design rings in different widths
eco wood rings wedding bands custom design Flat Steel 5mm with Oak Diamond Dust Purple Agate Amethyst Turquoise and Sand image

The Size

eco wood rings wedding rings with greyed Maple 6mm 4mm with Titanium Silver Paua Shell and Pounamu image
eco wood rings wedding bands different sizes Light Steel 3mm and 8mm with Larch image

Beautifully Bespoke

eco wood rings custom design unique wedding rings image

Ready to go?

The next thing to do is to complete our Ring Enquiry Form so that we can help you develop your eco-friendly designs and provide you with a quote for your bespoke ring or rings. 

If we’ve not covered all of your questions here, please do also take a peek at our frequently asked questions.

Thank you for choosing Eco Wood Rings - we're looking forward to helping you realise your unique design ideas.