Wood Free yet Wonderful

Timing is everything 🌿

Having not seen each other for 4 years, Ben and Kara’s paths once again crossed, and they instantly realised that each was the other half they had been waiting for all this time.
Both were single and in a position to move their relationship forward and so began their life together. ⁠

“We started messaging and talking on the phone and eventually met up in late spring”⁠

Within weeks they had moved in together and were planning their future as a blended family of 4 kids, 2 dogs, one gerbil, 3 millipedes and a colony of darkling beetles! 🪲⁠

They came to us to design Kara’s engagement ring knowing that, at that stage, they wanted to have elements of wood in the design but also a little colourful inlay too.⁠

“We knew we wanted to keep the band quite thin so that it had the traditional engagement ring look and also wanted the stone set on top.” ⁠

After much deliberation and tweaking of designs, they eventually decided to leave out the wood altogether, enabling them to keep to the size they wanted. They chose amethyst as the stone to use in the inlay in the white gold, to add a little dash of colour to their design, and a responsibly sourced diamond sits in pride of place!⁠ As a finishing touch they had a personal message engraved on the inside of the band too. 

It’s a little different to most other Eco Wood Rings we’ve made in that there is no wood at all but it works well! They’re delighted, we’re delighted and it’s another success story for you all this Sunday! ⁠

Congratulations, Ben & Kara!
Eco Wood Rings send their very best wishes to you ALL! ⁠🪲⁠💚🪲⁠💚🪲⁠


UPDATE: We were delighted when Ben and Kara made contact again and asked us to help them with their wedding bands too! You can read all about that here!


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