Meaningfully Metal Free

Katie & Miles met at a Church of England ministry training college a little over a year ago and very quickly connected. It soon became clear that a little flirtation was obviously heading towards a more serious relationship and due to the nature of lock down, it meant that it was all-or-nothing!

Miles very quickly knew when the time was right and proposed to Katie on The Cobb at Lyme Regis. 

“Being surrounded by sea was important - Katie was trained in marine biology and is a sea swimmer, both of us are SCUBA divers, and it's also where one of Katie's favourite books, Persuasion by Jane Austen, has a critical scene.”

Katie then set about finding a ring which would suit her on a couple of different levels, aesthetically but also practically. She suffers from a condition called Raynaud’s Syndrome which causes some areas of the body (usually fingers and toes) to feel numb and cold in response to cold temperatures or stress. As a result, metal rings draw what precious little heat she has in her fingers away and she therefore avoids wearing them.


Research led her to the "beautiful, eco and personal Eco Wood Rings." It was the possibility of having a personalised ring which first caught her attention, followed by the fact that you could also have a metal band with a wooden inlay made, meaning it was possible for them to have a pair of similar wedding rings further down the line. 

They looked through the woods mentioned in the bible and settled on oak and decided to fill the band with Lyme Regis sand (collected by Miles' parents around 20 years ago), some sparkle from mother of pearl and gold shavings which will also be used in their wedding bands. For the finishing touch they decided to use something really special…

“Katie had seen an EWR ring set with an ammonite and loved the idea, but we had trouble sourcing a Lyme Regis one that was robust enough, so eventually a family friend cast one in silver for her.”

Katie and Miles have created a truly beautiful ring, bursting with sentiment and we LOVE it! 

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