Meaningful Messages

💚 Welcome to the 2023 series of the Sentimental Stories behind our amazing customers' designs!⁠

At the end of last year, we were contacted by a lovely customer called Shubhaa. Her design idea was beautiful and so full of meaning so we were of course delighted when she said she’d be happy to share it with you all!⁠

“For me jewellery needs to have a meaning beyond its decorative purpose... in this case the ring is for my partner. He is Scottish born and bred, although living in Wales. I wanted the ring to be somehow Scottish, hence the whisky barrel oak and the Gaelic inscription. I am Spanish and wanted the ring to be "Espotish" (Español + Scottish) and in Lanzarote where I come from, the landscape is volcanic hence the black Whitby.”⁠

We think the contrast between the two is fantastic and the finishing touch of a personal Gaelic woodburned inscription completes this beauty!⁠

“Mo ghràdh means my darling, my dear, for the love of my life!”⁠

Just perfect! What a romantic way to start off the 2023 series of #sentimentalsundaysatEWR

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