An Alpine Love Story

Sometimes a proposal is a beautiful spur of the moment thing. The perfect setting, the perfect partner, the stars align, everything is in place except the little matter of the engagement ring. What can you do?

This was the dilemma one of our lovely customers found himself in whilst on holiday with his then girlfriend in the Alps. He decided to spontaneously propose whilst out on a walk in the hills with nothing to hand but the flowers of the field. WIth nothing to lose, this enchanted and creative groom-to-be fashioned a near perfect engagement ring from... an Alpine Bluebell!

Oh, the romance! Oh, to be a fly on the wall, or rather a bee in the meadow. We were utterly captivated by this beautiful love story and it doesn’t end there...

When the happy couple approached us about a more permanent ring to replace the trusty bluebell we couldn’t wait to help. We were thrilled when they said that they had kept the flower and set to work, helping them capture the memory of that oh-so-special proposal into something that could be worn for a lifetime. The result, a simply stunning oak wood ring with a unique and rather special inlay.

It’s true you can have almost anything put into an Eco Wood Ring, even a dried wild flower.

So that humble bluebell, the perfect symbol of spontaneity, creativity and love is forever captured along with the memory of that special day, inside their ring, always.

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