A Lockdown Love Story

This is such a wonderful love story and such a romantic proposal… Snuggle up somewhere cosy and enjoy!

When Rita met Em, the world was experiencing the effects of the Pandemic. Everyone’s lives were changing and, independently, the two of them were going through difficult times. Meeting each other was 'an incredible turning point.'

“We quickly became great friends and spent the following months sharing our life stories... like we were old friends that haven't seen each other in a long time. We cried, laughed and healed together and in each other we’ve found the answers to so many previously unanswered questions!”

It really wasn’t very long before the realisation that they belonged together dawned on them both! A few months before their first anniversary Rita knew the time was right!

“We had planned a 2-week road-trip to Scotland, the first big trip in the campervan we had spent the last few months converting! I imagined this perfect Scottish landscape and proposing under the Northern Lights, but life had different plans!”

With so much uncertainty surrounding covid still, their Scottish adventure became complicated. Em suggested returning home and enjoying a peaceful week there and Rita knew she wouldn’t be able to convince her otherwise.

“It was our last night, we were in the Peak District at a beautiful campsite and we were the only ones there, it was so peaceful... just us, the thickest of fogs and a cosy fire.”

Rita knew it was time to improvise...

“I asked Em to stay outside and wait while I prepared a ‘surprise’”

When Em walked back in, she saw a beautiful string of fairy lights with 12 pictures hanging from them - one taken in each of the 12 months they’d spent together so far. There was also a 13th image... of Rita holding the ring box!

“When Em turned around, there I was, holding the box in the photo.”

She said YES!!! and the rest, as they say..... 💚

When Rita decided to propose she didn't know how, where or when it would happen. What she DID know, however, was that it would be no ordinary or traditional engagement ring!

“I found EWR when searching online for a more sustainable ring and one that wouldn't get in the way of our active, outdoors lifestyle :) I immediately fell in love with the designs, the story behind the creation of EWR and their sustainability message. I emailed that night and got a super nice and personal reply from Louise the next morning. The fact that she was genuinely interested to hear about the story behind it, about us, my ideas etc really made a difference. She made the whole process very fun and exciting.”

The wood is made with silver birch, Em's favourite tree since planting one as a child with her mum. Since her mum's passing, the silver birch has become a symbol of love, family and roots and couldn’t be more appropriate really.

The inlay is made of ruby - Em's birthstone. It is mixed with fragments of a crushed pebble from the beach where they had shared their first kiss 💚 However, the original idea was to have sand in the inlay...

“I had convinced Em to go to the beach one weekend so I could get the sand but when we finally got there the tide was high and the sea very rough and to get the sand I would have to swim to a cave (where we kissed for the first time) that is easily accessible during the summer but not really by the end of the season. I was determined to get there but when I reached the opening of the cave, I realised how dangerous it was and had to come back empty handed!”

Back at the shore, sad that her plan failed, something caught Rita’s eye. Amongst all the grey pebbles was a prefect black pebble. Em had once said that if she were to ever wear an engagement ring, it would have black and red elements so this was, in fact, BETTER than the original plan!

Rita and Em are now working with us to design their wedding bands and we can’t wait to see the end results! Huge congratulations to you both and thank you for letting us share your gorgeous story, ladies 💚

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