How to Propose Without Knowing Your Partner’s Ring Size!

Some Useful Ideas

It’s an age-old tradition which has had folk scratching their heads for generations – how to choose an engagement ring without knowing your partner’s ring size! You want the proposal to be a surprise, but how do you do that without giving the game away?

It’s something we’re often asked about here at eco wood rings. Why does something, that we hope will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, have to be so complicated and risky?! Talk about adding pressure to what can already be a nerve-wracking occasion for some!

We’ve seen many creative ways of getting around this over the years, from stealthily taking plaster casts in the middle of the night to some outrageously crazy ‘reasons why’ stories. However, the truth is that the only way of being absolutely sure is by having the finger properly measured and trying rings on. Clearly that might not sit so well with any plans that involve romance or surprise!

Well, all is not lost, for we have a few suggestions of ways that might help you propose in a romantic and surprising way, without knowing your partner’s ring size.

1. Use a ‘placeholder ring’ for the proposal itself and then choose the materials, size and design for the ‘forever ring’ together, once the surprise is out. This not only eliminates the risk of getting the size wrong, but also means that you can both have input into how the forever ring will look. We were blown away by a recent story from two of our customers who did just that. They even went one step further by gathering some sand from the beach where Gary proposed to Simone, which we then inlaid into their forever ring. How beautifully meaningful is that?! 

2. Another option is to choose one of our engagement rings. These plain cherry or maple wood rings can be made to any width and size and can include a personal woodburned inscription too. These rings of intent are often then kept safe or worn on a chain once replaced by the perfect piece. If you come back to Eco Wood Rings for your forever ring within six months, we’ll credit 50% of the proposal ring cost against the cost of your forever ring. If you let us know beforehand, we can even keep some of the wood from the proposal ring back and use that in the forever ring too, linking the two rings in a really beautiful way.

3. Say it with a sample ring! We have a wide of range of sizes which you can purchase, propose with and then post back unworn afterwards. We’ll credit the full amount of the proposal ring against the cost of your forever ring. As with our proposal rings, this means you can come to a final decision on the design of the forever rings together. If this is of interest to you then please do get in touch and we can let you know what options we currently have available in our in stock collection.

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Whilst we might not have the definitive, secret answer to the ancient dilemma of guessing ring sizes, we hope that these creative ideas will help to inspire a proposal that is full of romance, love, meaning and surprise.

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