Our Roots

Once Upon a Time...

For those who may not already know, here's a little story about how Eco Wood Rings evolved from a teeny, tiny sapling of an idea into the steadily growing, firmly rooted, family run independent business that we are today!

Formed from the wood of fallen trees and forest flirtations, the history of Eco Wood Rings is a heart-warming tale of romance and doing things differently.

When Steve decided to propose to Laura, he knew he wanted to break the mould of choosing a classic diamond engagement ring. It wasn’t just the staggering cost (although that was a factor!), but more to do with his dissatisfaction with the idea of buying a certain style of ring made from certain 'precious' materials, simply because that is what society has come to accept as normal.

Realising that Laura was no ordinary girl, Steve started looking into alternatives that would suit her eco-conscious outlook, and soon came up with the idea of designing a wooden engagement ring specifically for her.

Remembering a recent trip to Laura’s native Spain, where they'd collected acorns whilst walking in the Sierra Nevada, Steve decided to source a piece of Spanish holm oak with the aim of turning it into a very important piece of unique jewellery.

The rest, as they say, is history. Laura said ‘yes’ and they married soon after... in a forest, of course!

It was this experience of designing their own ring from materials with meaning to them which inspired Steve and Laura to set up Eco Wood Rings in early 2010. Having found very few companies offering a similar service they set about creating a friendly, approachable and affordable business so that others wouldn't find it as tricky as they had. 

They now relish the challenge of helping others who also want to do things a little differently, to create something naturally beautiful which reflects their planet-friendly values and tells their unique story. 

The slowly expanding team now consists of our two co-founders Steve and Laura, a highly skilled resident photographer called Bill, customer happiness ninja Louise and content creating ninja Charlotte, all of whom work hard to maintain the values and ethos of our business, nearly 12 years on. 

Together, our little 'dream team' are able to make seeds of ideas become a much loved reality!

For more information about our planet friendly values please visit our ethics and environment page.

Everyone has a story, every couple has a tale; moments that matter, places to treasure, awesome adventures, people to remember...

At Eco Wood Rings we delight in helping you capture your story in a ring for someone you love. So whether you’re looking for an affordable engagement ring, an ethical wedding ring or to mark an anniversary or other occasion, we’d love to help you create something truly special.

If you have found your way here, the chances are you’re doing things a little differently and we think that’s wonderful.  

If you’re anything like us, making a conscious effort to align yourself with companies who are planet and people friendly is important when making the big decisions of our lives. With an Eco Wood Ring you can go against the grain without compromising, knowing that your beautiful handcrafted ring won’t cost the earth.

Choose from our collection of pre-designed rings or create a custom ring. Each ring is one-of-a kind, lovingly made to order from our own sustainable materials or those supplied by you. We relish working on new custom orders and have been blown away by the imagination and thoughtfulness of so many of our customers – you’ll find some recent examples of these in our gallery.