Why Choosing a Handmade Wedding Ring is Good for the World

The idea of conscious consumerism has been gaining traction over the past few years. It goes beyond simply wishing to rid oneself of stuff, although this is, of course, an added bonus of the process.

We’ve all been there. It’s time to buy something new for the house or for yourself, whether it’s plates, a new sofa or a pair of beautiful shoes. These days we might pull out our digital device and begin a search of our favourite online stores. But how can you settle on which shoes to buy  when there is just so much available? How can you differentiate between the high quality products and the products which won’t last (which, let’s face it, may well have been produced in the same factory)? And - this is the really big question - do we really need to buy more stuff in the first place? The idea of conscious consumerism might help you with that.

When you consider the fact that every single thing we have ever owned still exists somewhere on this planet, most likely in landfill, how can we make sure that we are consuming conscientiously?

This is not an easy task. We are encouraged to buy, buy, buy from the moment we have spending power. Consumerism is smart: we learn from a young age that owning things is related to our self-esteem. On down days, we might feel better if we buy something new. We might feel more organised, more purposeful, if we have something shiny sitting on our desks. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about this. It’s difficult to fight a lifetime of conditioning.

What we should do however is be aware of what we are buying and try to make thoughtful, reasonable choices about what we really need.

The idea of conscious consumerism has been gaining traction over the past few years. It goes beyond simply wishing to rid oneself of stuff, although this is, of course, an added bonus of the process.

Conscious consumerism is about making positive choices when purchasing things. These positive choices may help to counteract some of the damage which consumerism does to the planet (and, of course, to our psyches, but that’s a conversation for another day…). This may mean buying organic food, seeking out Fairtrade items, or even committing to fixing electrical equipment rather than simply replacing it.

Another important element of conscious consumerism is looking carefully at the business practices of the companies we buy from. Are the products made in an ethical way? Are the people who make the products paid a fair wage and working in safe conditions? We shouldn’t close our eyes to the reality of the way that some of our favourite shops get those lovely products. If we buy from them, we are saying that we are fine with our things being made by children or people who are paid less than a dollar per hour.

If you’re visiting us here at Eco Wood Rings, you’re probably already a thoughtful shopper who is conscious of the impact of your buying choices. We are delighted to see you! We are particularly pleased that our customers are interested in our unique handmade wedding rings, which are not only the ultimate in conscious consumption, but are just beautiful too.

When you choose a piece of handmade jewellery over a piece which is mass-produced, you are doing your part to protect the planet (what a brilliant justification for purchasing these gorgeous items!). To begin with, you are almost always supporting small businesses, who often have a smaller carbon footprint than their larger counterparts, and who are known to engage more with their local communities.

You are also supporting the artist who designs your jewellery. An artist can design something unique and special. We all want to encourage this kind of creativity in a world of fast fashion and everybody looking the same. Not only this, but you can be sure that the quality will be high and the materials used will be ethically sourced! Every single one of our Eco Wood Rings is made with love and care.

Deciding to buy handmade jewellery means that you also respect the value of the artist’s time. Each of our Eco Wood Rings is made according to your specification and is exceptional for this reason. They also take time: the whole process of designing and making the ring can take up to eight weeks! We are glad that we are able to put this focus and attention into every single ring.

In choosing handmade jewellery, you are joining the ranks of the world’s most famous, including the women of the Royal Family and a host of Hollywood darlings. We know that doesn’t really matter though. What is far more important is that every time you catch a glimpse of your one-of-a-kind piece, you can rest assured that you have made a conscious and positive choice for the world which, let’s face it, makes your purchases all the more special.

Choosing a wedding ring is different from choosing any other piece of jewellery. Not only will you wear it every single day, but your wedding ring also has a special symbolic meaning: it represents the everlasting nature of your love for your spouse. An Eco Wood Rings handmade wedding ring is even more unique as it may include the wood from the tree stump which you perched on to share your first kiss, or the sand from the windswept beach where your beloved got down on one knee.

We can’t wait to see what you will design for us to bring to life. It is our pleasure to play such an important role in your special day, and also in your conscious consumption journey!

Already got an idea in mind? Don’t forget that the perfect ring takes time! Please contact us as soon as possible to begin the design conversation.

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