Make Your Wedding As Unique As You

The wonderful thing about planning your wedding day is how you get to tell your own unique story. From the rings you choose to the music you play, every little detail can hold a special meaning and reflect what you hold dear to your heart.

For many of the couples we speak to, this includes a deep love of nature, and a wish to express this through making conscious, sustainable choices. If you’re wondering just how to bring sustainability into your own wedding, here are a few visual ideas to inspire you. 

We are delighted that Eco Wood Rings featured as part of a photoshoot for an eco-friendly wedding at River Cottage. We’re great admirers of River Cottage and its commitment to animal welfare and sustainable values – values we share. It also happens to be an exquisite place to get married. 

Nestled in rolling green hills along the Devon-Dorset border, River Cottage is a haven of earthy tranquility. The views are breathtaking, the air wonderfully fresh and you really do feel connected with the natural world around you. It’s magical – and if you’ve ever visited, you’ll know what we mean! 

Couples can choose to hold the ceremony in the farmhouse, the walled kitchen garden or the beautifully restored threshing barn. Needless to say, given River Cottage’s culinary reputation, ceremonies can be followed by a truly sumptuous feast, with all ingredients locally and ethically sourced. 

Everything about the photo shoot complemented this green ethos. Both the bride and groom were sustainably styled, from the vegan and cruelty-free product in the bride’s hair, right down to their vegan shoes – and, naturally, their eco wood rings with inlays of oak. The bride wore dresses from The Conscious Bride, combining vintage fabrics with sustainable materials such as non-bleached bamboo and hand-made, fair trade silk from Cambodia. Even the make-up was environmentally friendly, zero waste, carbon-neutral and sustainably sourced. The groom wore a hemp shirt, organic trousers, hand-woven tweeds and even a wooden bow tie!

In the dining hall, the foliage table runners were complemented by naturally dyed fabrics, with macramé hanging planters filled with seasonal flowers such as tulips, narcissi and hellebores. 

Of course, this shoot is just one vision of how an eco-friendly wedding could be. What really matters, is how you make your special day truly your own so that each detail is meaningful to you. 

One of the things many couples mention is their wish to be able to capture the memory of their wedding in a way they can take with them forever. At Eco Wood Rings, we can create your rings using wood from a place that’s special to you both. It could be from the grounds of your wedding venue, the oak in your parents’ garden you both love so much, a branch from the tree that you got engaged under - or something altogether different! You’re then able to quite literally take that special place – and its precious memories – with you wherever you go.

Hopefully by now you’ve got an idea of what you’d like your ring or rings to look like. The next thing to do is to complete our Design Enquiry Form, so that we can help you develop your design and provide you with a quote. 


Venue - River Cottage

Photographer - Freeformimages Photography

Dresses - The Conscious Bride 

Shoes - Beyond Skin

Shawls - Cadogan Cardigans

Make Up - Michelle Stanford, Arbonne

Bridal Hair - The Up Do Girl

Bridal Accessories and Stationery - Hey Jules!

Celebrant - Unique Ceremonies

Confetti - Keslowena Confetti

Floristry - Petal and Posie

Cake - Claire’s Sweet Temptations

Groom's Attire - Thought ClothingCock and Bull Tweed Collection

Men’s Shoes -Bourgeois Boheme

Grooms Accessories - Patore

Bridal Bell Tent - Native

Styling - Do Me A Favour

Macramé - Hooky Madness

Models - Paul Hobbs & Roksana Skabrika

Editor: Caroline Wijetunge  |