EWR x Green The UK

Eco Wood Rings x Green The UK 

We are extremely excited to announce a new venture for us here at EWR. If you've been following us for a while, you will know how proud we are of our ethos and our approach, as a business, to protecting the world around us as much as possible, in all we do.

Well, with this in mind, we have teamed up with Green The UK in a bid to make even more of a difference and we have pledged to plant 9400m² of wildflower meadows in 2022/23 by donating £10 from every ring sale to this project.


"Together we will plant mile upon mile of wildflower meadows, creating wildlife corridors across the country."

Our Meadow Planting partnership is extremely important and reasons for protecting the wildflowers are highlighted on their website and listed below.


2 billion tons of CO2 is stored beneath UK grasslands. Disrupting these natural hubs threatens wildlife and adds to our carbon footprint.


150 different species of flower and grass are found in UK meadows. One of the rarest and most biodiverse habitats, meadows support a myriad of insects, small animals and priority species. On average, five acres of grassland contain about one ton of insects.


More UK meadows makes it easier for insect pollinators to move around and provide their essential ‘ecosystem service’ to the farming sector. 97% of flower-rich British meadows have disappeared in the last 100 years.


When you purchase an Eco Wood Ring, not only do you invest in a life long, often bespoke, beautiful piece filled with sentiment and natural beauty, you can also do so knowing that you will be contributing to this incredible cause. 

TOGETHER we can make a difference and we hope you're as excited as we are about this! 

Team EWR 🌿💚