Unspoken Love

A very large number of the rings we produce here at Eco Wood Rings are bespoke and as such, more often than not, have wonderfully feel-good stories or meanings behind them. Mandy & Jonathan’s rings are no exception.

There are several things which make their story so special, and we think that your hearts will be fit to burst when you hear all about their engagement, their very personal ring design choices and their memorably unique big day! 


Jonathan is profoundly deaf. He and Mandy met through mutual deaf friends nearly a decade ago and they had been together for 7 very happy years when Mandy chose to propose. She knew the most magical and appropriate place would be at his father’s graveside so set about making that work. Without hesitation he accepted, and so the planning began! 

Luckily for us they knew very early on that they were keen to design their own wedding rings and were both in total agreement that they wanted something not only different but which could incorporate materials which held special and personal memories for them both, forever.

After a quick search online, they found Eco Wood Rings and our relationship with them began.

Having looked extensively through our gallery they felt inspired by what they’d seen and had an instant idea for an entirely new inlaid material.

We really do love a challenge!

The Design

Materials wise, they knew immediately that they wanted something robust to suit their lifestyles as they are both ‘proper petrol heads’ so chose steel. It was chosen primarily for its strength and durability but also to represent their solid relationship and mutual respect. This strong metal mirrors their strength in communication too.

Next was wood. Red River gum tree from Australia was their preferred choice, chosen for the vibrancy of its red colour which is close to both their hearts. Jonathan was once a carpenter, and they are both lovers of nature and the natural world so wood was an important element to include in their rings.

Finally, the unique element for Jonathan’s ring… red stones and paint flecks from their beloved 1967 VW Beetle!

During the various lockdowns Jonathan and Mandy had painstakingly restored their stunning vintage Beetle, ‘Raspberry’, to her former glory and suggested having a band of red paint flecks in Jonathan's wedding ring to match Mandy’s ruby engagement ring. As far as we were concerned it was ‘challenge accepted!!’

The paint was chosen to reflect the wonderfully fond memories Jonathan has of his childhood, with his father's beetle being very much at the centre of them.

The VW theme was then woven seamlessly into other areas of their wedding day too. Their treasured car was fully restored and ready for her starring role on their wedding day on May 20th, 2021.


Fortunately,  Jonathan & Mandy’s wedding was not postponed, unlike so many others’, due to them having booked a tiny 13th Century Church in Wayford which could only accommodate a covid friendly number of guests - there were just 24 attendees if you include Raspberry!

The Big Day

Finally, the day arrived and excitement levels were high. This was by no means going to be an average, low key gathering. It was an incredibly special and romantic day and to make it as perfect at it could be, Mandy and Jonathan’s service was led by their dear friend Reverend Neil Robinson and conducted in full British Sign Language (BSL). This made the service even more moving for everyone there as Neil, Jonathan’s best man Justin and almost all their guests are also deaf. They were hugely grateful to the local vicar who was extremely helpful when it came to setting everything up and ensuring it all ran smoothly for them.

Their vows were signed and, as is customary in a deaf wedding, their beautiful rings were placed directly on each other’s fingers first to free up both pairs of hands to sign their promises and declarations of love for one another. 

“It was a deeply moving service and we also had a lot of laughs!”

Their reception at Haselbury Mill afterwards was wonderful and guests even enjoyed a wedding cake made to resemble Raspberry!

Despite it being a typically unpredictable and rainy day in May, it really could not have been better in the eyes of the bride and groom, and those of their guests too.

“If you tie the knot in the rain, it's tied even tighter”


We just adore stories like these and discovering more about what happens after Eco Wood Rings have been received. It fills our hearts with such immeasurable joy.

Thank you to both Mandy and Jonathan for sharing their beautiful day with us, we are certain it will be an inspiration to others, and we wish you all the very best and a very happy future together.


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e nothing more than helping customers turn their ideas into reality!

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