The Perfect Plait

In a unique and romantic style, Jon proposed to Sarah with a plait of embroidery thread that he tied around her finger.

He’d chosen green for the land, dark blue for the sea, pale blue for the sky and had taught himself how to plait watching YouTube videos on the train to work the week before!


“We got engaged in a ploughed field overlooking Kimmeridge in Dorset.”


They were keen to capture all the sentiment and meaning of the above in their rings so chose mahogany with malachite then turquoise to represent the land, sea and sky.


“We wanted to have something unique to us. Nature and being outdoors is important to us and has featured throughout our relationship from being friends to falling in love.”


The materials they chose to use also represent strength, resilience, loyalty, and protection - which further speaks of their wonderful relationship.


Jon and Sarah were married at the end of July and are now able to wear their deeply personal wedding rings, with pride, for all eternity!

We really enjoyed being part of their journey with these designs and know you’ll love them just as much as we do.

Enormous congratulations to you both, Sarah & Jon, from the team here at EWR!


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