"Forever & Always"

Sal and Donna came to us for help with designing and making their wedding rings last year. 
The proposal had taken place on a sand dune at Cresswell beach, Northumberland. It was not quite the shafts of sunlight, dazzling them both through little fluffy clouds, that had been forecast - it was blowing a gale and raining hard!  

Donna casually handed Sal a tub of vegan choccy raisins but Sal was adamant she didn't want any and would tuck into them once they were back in the car with a warm cuppa. Slightly wrong footed, Donna then insisted she open the tub. Sal suspiciously opened it and there, staring back at her, was a proposal ring, inscribed with the words, "Will you grow old with me?" 
Stunned Sal swiftly said YES and the rest, as they say… 

It was a pleasure working with them to create their dream bands. They opted for steel and white gold with matching dark oak wood inlays. To carry on the natural world theme in their designs, they collected sand from where the engagement took place! We sprinkled grains of this sand into an amethyst and diamond dust birthstone mix in both rings. Donna’s ring has the stone mix as an inlay and Sal’s has it as a centrally positioned gemstone. Donna also included a turquoise band in her design as she loves the meaning behind this stone and how the colour complements the rest of the design.  
The inscription, "Forever & Always", in both bands, is something we've said to one another from the start and also in our wedding vows. 
They’re a stunning pair of rings and, as always, we’re delighted with the end result! We received lovely feedback from them recently suggesting they are too 💚 
"We love everything about EWR! From the personalised touch to the ethics and values behind the business, we couldn't think of a better place to design our forever rings. Thank you, EWR, for being a part of our story!"

Thank YOU, Donna & Sally, and congratulations! 
Engagement photos captured by Rachael Fraser Photography - @rach_fraserphoto  

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