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Are you looking to create a unique engagement ring design, custom design your own eco-friendly wedding ring, or perhaps personalise a bespoke ring for another special occasion? 

We love to share stories of customers' designs as it's a fantastic way to inspire and fill your hearts with love and wonder and, yippeeee, this is a fabulous one, folks.
Snuggle up, enjoy and just look at those smiles…. 🏹💚

🪵 “We love Birch! For all its symbolism: purity, femininity, protection, new life, and family. We also love copper for the energy it gives and knew it would complement the blue we wanted too. We added sand from our local beach at Bognor to symbolise our love of the sea and then the rest of the blue was made up by fragments of a Mermaid Gin bottle which is one of our faves!!”


Well, we 💚 Emma and Laura!!
Their unique, custom made wedding rings were a delight to conjure and we were so thrilled with the final result, as were they of course! Being able to create bespoke jewellery for special days is a joy and something we will never tire of. A ring for a marriage, engagement, promise, proposal, birthday, anniversary, vow renewal, in someone's memory or even as a total surprise or for a 'just because' occasion is a ring filled with sentiment and memories and one which will last all eternity and we think that's pretty cool.

“We had a humanist ceremony led by the incredible @janeblackmancelebrant at our venue which was in woodlands right next to the sea. It was the most magical day, and our rings added all the extra sparkle and symbolism required.” 

Sand is one of our most popular inlay materials here at Eco Wood Rings as it holds such important memories and meaning for so many. It can be mixed with other inlay materials too to give added texture and or colour and looks beautiful inlaid into woods of different tones and indeed in metal too.

“We wanted to have non-traditional rings and were looking specifically for wooden ones. It was an added bonus that we could add our own design touches and we love that they were sustainable and eco-friendly too!”
Our ethos as a business is to provide a bespoke service for our customers, making dreams come true, whilst being as eco-conscious as humanly possible, thus protecting our precious forests and the world around us. It is something of which we are extremely proud.  Sustainability is central to our design and ring making processes. We are committed to producing natural, ethical jewellery with the least impact possible on the environment and we only use wood in our rings that has been salvaged, recycled, sustainably grown or supplied by our customers.
We truly love all the rings we produce here, metal with inlaid wood, wood with inlaid metal, inlays of memories, metal, and wood & memories combined. Carbon fibre, precious metals, gemstones, you name it... we can do it! It is crucial to us though that all our rings reflect our passion for the world around us and we know that is something that you, our wonderful customers, respect about out little family run business too.

Emma works with wood and she hand made their beautiful ring box out of birch wood! The most perfect and personal finishing touch for their stunning and unique wedding rings.

💚 Congratulations ladies, we wish you a lifetime of joy and blue skies like these.

Team EWR x

Photo credit: @hanavennphotography

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