Capturing the Magic of Music

"We had been um-ing and ah-ing for ages as to what Charles would have for a wedding ring. None of the metal rings we looked at really suited his taste or personality. Then we stumbled across Eco Wood Rings and it just seemed like the perfect option – we were so thrilled and excited!"

If you’ve been following us for some time now then you will already know how much we LOVE it when couples come to us with simple yet hugely original ideas for their Eco Wood Rings. All of the rings you'll find in our bespoke section of the site are the product of our customers’ imaginations, working with us to realise their ideas into engagement, wedding and memory rings that are utterly awe inspiring and unique to them.
We’ve always said that imagination is the only limit when it comes to our ring designs, with almost every material out there being suitable for inlaying inside them and it was instantly apparent that Gabby and Charles had no shortage of that when they asked us whether we could help encapsulate something really rather special into a one-of-a-kind wood ring for Charles...

Gabby says “We had been um-ing and ah-ing for ages." 

It was whilst reading through the website and understanding more about the way that materials with personal meaning can be incorporated into ring designs that the idea came about. “We were considering all the things that represent us as a couple whilst also suiting Charles’s taste and personality, after all, he’s the one wearing it daily!” explains Gabby. “He is music mad, and especially vinyl mad, which led us to wonder whether we could inlay pieces from our first dance into the ring. As soon as you confirmed that was possible, we were so excited to have come up with something so bespoke and personal”.


Being into their music in a big way, the happy couple have a lot of songs that really resonate with them, but chose ‘You Are the Best Thing’ as the lyrics felt very special and perfect for that moment. Oh, and it’s also a great song to get everyone singing along to!

Fast forward a bit and, according to Gabby, the ring looks as perfect today as the day that it was first exchanged. “We’ve had so many people look at Charles’s wedding ring and ask about the design” she explains, “we always respond with great pride that it’s our first dance vinyl set within the band. It never fails to elicit a response filled with wonder and surprise! We absolutely love it and even a quick glance at the ring brings back the best and most precious memories of that night dancing away with our family and friends”.

Photos credit: James Fear Photography

Song: You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

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