A Heart (and Ring) Warming Journey

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Every so often customers have particularly touching, and deeply personal reasons for using certain materials to create their beautiful Eco Wood Rings and Hayley and Rich are a perfect example of this.
Eco Wood Ring Customers Story

“We wanted our rings to be completely unique to us, so we had the idea to have wooden wedding rings made and to be able to have them made from the oak from our land is so very special. It was a dead oak tree that we wished to give new life to.”
A Pair of Eco Wood Wedding Rings

Their wedding bands aren’t the only things which have been conjured from this majestic tree either....

“We have handmade our kitchen from it, our windowsills and furniture, with more to come too.
For the majority of our relationship, we have been converting a barn into our home, which also ended up being our wedding venue too and made the rings even more special.”
Oak Kitchen - Wood used for Eco Wood Wedding Rings  Oak Windowsill - Oak used for Eco Wood Rings

Hayley and Rich have put all of their love, sweat and tears into this incredible project and it was documented by a film crew and shown earlier this year as part of the @derelictrescuetv series, shown on @hgtv_uk! Their rings were also featured towards the end of the programme which was incredibly exciting for us to see!
Since completing their dream home, they have made further use of the land where their oak tree had once grown and have  transformed it into a beautiful Yoga centre of healing and self-discovery called Pachamama Yoga.
Eco Wood Rings - Happy Couple

Their eco-sensitive, beautiful barn conversion is utterly mind-blowing and being invited to help design and create rings which will forever remind them of their journey (emotional and physical) was a genuine honour.
You can follow this link to see the awesome transformation.

The couple incorporated ring warming into their ceremony - a chance for guests to hold the rings for a short moment, to bless them and to warm them with their well wishes. A deeply personal touch.
Eco Wood Rings - Ring Warming Ceremony

In addition to the rings being handmade from their own Oak, both contain the following materials, chosen by them both for their symbolism and the deep connection the couple have to them:
Blue Moonstone - light, hope, love, fertility & new beginnings.
Rainbow Moonstone - harmony, creativity, compassion & endurance.
Opal - balance, peace, joy, good fortune, and protection.
Rich’s ring also contains Paua shell (which he dived for in New Zealand, with his family) - believed to strengthen the body & heart of the wearer.
Hayley’s ring contains Mother of Pearl - said to bring the gentle healing powers of the sea.
A Pair of Beautiful Eco Wood Rings Wedding Bands

“They are both inscribed. Mine with “Come on an adventure” and Rich’s with “Just You & I”. Quoted from the song that Rich wrote for me. Which was also the question that was asked when he proposed to me at Sunset in Cornwall, on the cliff tops at Trebarwith Beach.”

Two such small and intricate rings, filled with so much love and meaning. We were thrilled to be a part of their story.
Romance and Love and Eco Conscious Wedding Bands from Eco Wood Rings

Congratulations Hayley and Rich.
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📸: Thanks to @themodelcamp for capturing such magical moments.
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