Proposing during Lockdown

April 2020.

Romeo and Juliet may have had to contend with feuding families but I wonder what they would have made of lockdown? With elopement temporarily off the cards… would they have been as resilient as couples in love are these days?

Certainly, it seems that for many the ups and downs of 2020 have reminded them of what truly matters, above all their loved ones. Perhaps this experience brought you closer and made you realise that you’re ready to take the next step in your relationship. Or maybe you’d already made the decision and your plans for the perfect proposal have been scuppered by forever changing restrictions. If that’s the case, take heart. That favourite restaurant may be off the cards, or the trip to your favourite European city, but there’s no reason why you can’t still put love firmly on the agenda. In fact, sometimes restrictions force us humans to dig deep into our natural creativity and to find new and wonderful alternatives. 

That’s one gift that lockdown may have brought to many couples – learning to adapt and  simplify, re-defining our priorities and expectations. When you take away the exotic location, the guests and the fanfare, you’re left with each other and the love you share. So if proposing during lockdown is a pared-back version of what you had in mind, it will still be one of the most unforgettable, cherished moment of your life.

If you’re restricted to meeting outdoors, just think of all the wonderful places you could take your lover. The peaceful majesty of a local forest, a magnificent oak in a city park, the beautiful view on a remote hilltop or even just the street where you first kissed. For some couples, it’s about getting away from the familiar to somewhere special, while for others it’s being in familiar places that hold treasured memories of their time together.

Next, think about who you’d like to be there. Just you and your lover? Or your family and friends who’ve been with you and supported you both? Maybe you can’t all meet in person, but don’t let that stop you.

Of course, if you’re feeling that your proposal absolutely must go as planned – at that special restaurant, on that particular street in Oslo – you can always delay until it’s possible once again. And when you do get to ask that special question, the waiting will make the moment that much sweeter.

Whatever is happening in these topsy turvy times, we’re glad to see that love remains a firm constant in a world of change and when all is said and done, maybe love really is all you need…and a beautiful Eco Wood Ring to celebrate it of course.